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Free and Low-Cost Medical Solutions

Meet Our Founder, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nagy P. Bebawy

Dr. Bebawy, Chief Executive Officer of AGHABY Comprehensive Community Health Center, has been in the medical field for 30 years seeing patients. Dr. Bebawy is not only a leader in medicine but he also demonstrates strong skills and knowledge in Medical Administration.

He has worked for the Los Angeles County Public Health Department and has served as a chief medical director for various medical organizations. His peers look unto him for advice and medical knowledge. Dr. Bebawy passion is working with diverse and less fortunate people. In fact, he founded his first community healthcare center in 1999,Centro Medical Clinic in Corona California.

Dr. Bebawy built his community health center from the ground up. His clinic is focused on providing low-cost outpatient medical treatments for people who are in need. In result, the number of his patients grew from five a month to 120 patients a day.

He is dedicated to giving quality care in partnership with his medical colleagues. He encouraged them to join his new medical group in Compton and Walnut Park, California.

Dr. Bebawy was told on several occasions about what’s he thinking going to Compton and why he’s planning to start a new medical community clinic. According to him “communities like Compton need me the most, and I'm not crazy, I am passionate to help all people, especially the most vulnerable.’”

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